Mar 13, 2011

What to pack for a team camp/bike race trip:

Amira S-WORKS -the bike! (In a box. Don't put your CO2 cartridges in the box, they'll find them at the airport, and take them away.  Goodbye $5 for each one.  Put them with your clothes.)

S-WORKS Prevail helmet. (In the box, with the bike.  Best chance of not getting crushed).

Waterbottles (Two in the bikebox.  I can't drink my Eload out of thin air, sheesh.)

Flat kit (like I said, NO CO2 cartridges in the box!)

S-WORKS Shoes and Speedplay pedals. (In the Hincapie carry-on.  Just in case the box doesn't make it, at least you'll be able to ride something else, somehow.  And your left pedal won't fall out somewhere in transit...and you won't have to blow almost $200 on a new pair...smells like 2010 Nationals!)

Defeet Compression Socks (Must-have for traveling and recuperation)

License.  (Good luck racing without it.)

Earplugs (When you're going to live with about 10 other possible nighttime bathroom goers, you need to have a pair of these puppies if you want to sleep through the night!)

Armwarmers, legwarmers, gloves, windvest and jacket.  (Nobody likes freezing on a training ride)

Lunch (I'm not going to get caught by those gougers at the airport.)

Enough clean underpants (Hey, everybody needs them)


  1. Thanks Lex,
    I can start my bike box now !

    See u thuesday !

  2. you forgot to mention ''Banana boat''...hé hé but thats another issue we'll talk about on site!!!

  3. Good list! Something that can be done as well is to put cycling clothing with the bike in a separate bag of course so it doesn't get dirty... Same with hygiene stuff and some food. Less to carry, no extra luggage necessary :)