Mar 8, 2011

A Re-Posting From Five Years Ago

The timing is perfect.  I'm leaving to ride with the team in T-7 days and counting.  I found this post from March 4 2006 on an old blog that I had.  I thought it would be appropriate to bring it back one more time.  It's cool to see what I was thinking about 5 years ago in the spring.  My love for riding has a solid foundation, see :

I want natural broncho and vasodilators to pump through me, but still be struggling to haul in enough air to keep up with the big boys.  I want the euphoric high to kick in in the middle of the ride and last until after my last après-ride Heineken goes down.  I want to ride up and down La Gabelle and see how much better I am on the next ride when the guys are hammering up the hills.  I wanna blow perfect snot rockets and shoot refreshing loogies when I'm riding solo.  I wanna find new roads and be reacquainted with my old favorites.  I wanna give and get "the nod" or the subtle wave.  I just want the roads to be CLEARED so it's safe for Rétro to roll outside again.

And, I'm pretty much still the same girl, even if I don't do the après-ride brewskies anymore...
(By the way, Rétro was the name of my road bike back then.  Named after the place I was at when I saw who stepped up on the final podium of The Tour de France on July 26 2004.)
Happy riding, boys and girls.

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