Jan 22, 2014

Intense training, learning, and tough testing over 1.5 weeks at track camp with the Canadian National Team program is finished.  It was another extremely valuable experience for me as an athlete.   I will continue to race with my professional trade team full time, and will also continue to pursue track cycling...I'll keep you updated.

We've moved up to Marina Del Ray, CA where we'll be based for a week to train in the canyons.  Our rented condos are actually dangerously close to Intelligentsia, an awesome Third Wave coffee shop ... where they also give discounts to cyclists. 

At the end of January, I'll return to train at home in Montréal at PowerWatts Premier Studio before leaving mid-February when I'll have my first races and team camp with TWENTY16.
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Jan 19, 2014

Brand New Team for 2014!

Things just keep going up!  Here's some big news:
I'm proud to announce that I have signed with the TWENTY16 Professional American cycling team.  The program is managed by Nicola Cranmer (she's great to follow on Twitter) and Kristin Armstrong.

"Our team consists of 14 professional athletes ages 19-35 including, numerous national champions and 2 Olympic Medalists; Kristin Armstrong 2008 & 2012 Gold Medalist who will continue as our High Performance Director and 2000 Olympic Silver Medalist and 2000 World Champion Mari Holden as Sports Director. The team was the only U.S women's road team to earn medals in London Olympics. The team is now TWENTY16 with an eye on Rio." 

We will be riding FELT bicycles with SRAM components (I can't wait to ride the new 11 speed set up!), K-EDGE, and ZIPP wheels.  I'm so happy to be back on SPEEDPLAY pedals for 2014 as well.  We'll be wearing OAKLEY eyewear, CATLIKE helmets, PACTIMO cycling kits, and we'll be fueled by none other than CLIF.
Lex Albrecht (Photo Copyright: Justin Knotzke)
Being a part of TWENTY16 is an especially great opportunity for me since I'll be able to enjoy the latitude they give athletes to compete in road and track, and on National Team projects.  I will continue to be based in Montréal, Québec, and train with PowerWatts.  Our first race will be in mid-February. 

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TWENTY16's 2014 roster:

Jan 16, 2014

I'm a roadie.  I'm with the Canadian National team to ride the track in L.A., California. No gears, no brakes, no asphalt... except on our recovery rides, for now.
Every morning priority number one is to score hotel java from the lobby, and grab a few oranges for my fridge-stash, and oatmeal bars for snacks at the track.  I whip up a bowl of magic oatmeal, and clear out e-mails that have come in on East Coast time.  The bag gets packed with my collection of gears, chainrings and tools (I've never wrenched so much in my life. Good thing track mechanics are easy...).  Thanks Martin Rooseboom (2524 Hochelaga, Montréal) for lending me what I need.  And I never forget my tube of DZ Nuts Bliss shammy cream anymore.  It's my new favorite.  Especially since the saddle on my loaner track bike and I don't have a great relationship...

Track sessions always start with a 20 minute warm up.  We spin around in a paceline, going progressively faster.  1 lap-to-go always feels like balls-to-the-wall speed.

Hammering out near-maximum efforts for 4km with my teammates, reefing on the pedals to shoot my bike forward from standing-starts, whipping up and down the track walls when we do our exchanges, and holding a tight, straight line down at the base of the track (the pole line) despite those HUGE G-forces as we spin at unheard of (OK, for a road cyclist...) cadences are all things that are going to pay off once I get out on the road to start racing next month.
But the best thing about the track is the consistent environment.  The conditions are reproducible and our efforts are easy to measure.  That means when there's something to fix or improve, we keep giving the same thing a shot, making minor adjustments, until we NAIL IT ON THE HEAD.

Jan 1, 2014

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! 

2013 was an awesome year.  
I raced professionally for NOW and Novartis for MS, and had the chance to represent some awesome sponsors like Specialized Bikes, NOW Bars, Spy Optics, SRAM, and Nuheat.  Thank you for your support! 

Thank you also to the Global Relay Bridge the Gap Fund for supporting me in 2013. 

In North America, we won numerous victories and titles.  I defended the Champion of Québec title, and finished twice on the podium at the Canadian National Championships.  I made significant improvements to my time-trialing. I represented Québec at the Jeux de la Francophonie in France, and Canada at the World Championships in Italy.  

I also had my first experience with the Canadian National Team on the track in Los Angeles, thanks to so many of you who helped fund the project on GoFundMe.  I moved from the beautiful city of Québec, to the one-and-only Montréal, and began training with PowerWatts.  ..and I feel like that's just the tip of the iceberg!

2014 has a lot of Great Things in Store
I am excited to share that I will be racing for a new professional team with an excellent structure, great sponsors, and a wildly good track record.  (Stay tuned...I'll let you know more soon).

I'll be returning to Los Angeles for 1 month with the Canadian National team in January.  I was selected to continue on to the next stage of the track program.  Thanks again to everyone who has helped me overcome the financial barrier that was standing between me and this goal. 

I am also proud to announce a new partnership with You Culture Significance, an interactive, creatively informative, and motivating presentation program for CEOs and business leaders.
2013 was awesome, and 2014 is going to be even better!  Remember...where there's a will, there's a way.  Happy New Year!