Oct 20, 2014

Cooking With Lex : Bite Sized Cookies. Homemade Ride Food!

This is what I usually ride with a bit of this stuff in my pockets:
   Clif bars (fav flavour : coconut chocolate chip)
   Clif Shots (fav flavour : vanilla)
   Clif Blocks (fav flavour : black cherry)

This past summer I started baking my own snacks for the bike to go along with my classic Clif choices.  I discovered this recipe while on a 3 week training block in Tahoe.  Here's a recipe for simple banana-oatmeal bite-sized cookies that are easy to make, and perfect to eat on long rides.  Give it a shot!

This recipe requires a Vitamix - traditional blenders aren't strong enough.  Don't have one yet?  Visit Vitamix and use coupon code 06-009501 for free shipping, or click on the link below to get a deal on a refurbished model!