Mar 22, 2011

Swamis Are Fun, Even If They Don't All Like The Rain

Véro Labonté, Anne Guzman and I woke up before the California roosters this morning to join the 6:45 am Swami group ride (  It was raining a little bit but we went anyways. 

A little to my dismay, the group was pretty small and they rode slower than usual (apparently the usual turn out is 35, and the guys HAMMER down the roads).   I still cranked it up two hills pretty darn hard chasing after one Swami who climbs like a god (this guy made me feel like every work-out I did in the winter was insignificant and like my legs were made of bologna with a measly 6% meat protein content). 

Anne and Véro both got staples stuck in their tires so it gave us time to chill out on the side of the road and chat with the 3 guys who were still with us while the girls changed their flats.  They liked Anne's Quarq powermeter, told us that the best American men come from the Mid-West (is it true?  I have no clue.), and that nobody rides the trainer inside here in Cali.  Hmm. 

I'll always love group rides.

I'm back at the team house eating my french toasts and I'll go out for a take-two ride with Véro this afternoon.  The sun came back out :)


  1. Looks like the weather is warming up! Try another Swami Tuesday morning or night! We aren't typically weather-sensitive, but the ride is always fast.

  2. Next time I'm in Carlsbad I'll definitely get another ride in with you guys! I've been seeing the Swami kits around at San Dimas and Redlands. Go guys go! :)