Mar 26, 2011

Second stage of San Dimas Stage Race. Great

Joanie was rocking it on the intermediate sprints.  She did awesome on the final sprint.  Véro was always placed perfectly at the front, she's a pro at that.  Mary was up there too.  Anne did a great job helping move Jo up for the climbs.  Val has a first Cali road race under her belt. I was feeling super great, not wasting any energy...following the team's strategy that Laura laid out for us yesterday. 

I couldn't believe how 'easy' the race well my legs were feeling.  I was up in the front on the second last climb...that was kind of my job.  Don't go for the KOM but be ready to break off with those who are.  At the bottom of the hill, and around a few corners I let the sprinters go for the final intermediate sprint before the finish.  But, they all let up after the line. I AM SWITCHING MY COMPUTER TO IMPERIAL while I race in the states.  I can't believe that I let up.  It wasn't the final intermediate sprint.  It was the FINISH.  Il me restait six cartouches dans les jambes. J'étais bien placé...OUF.  J'ai fait un mega erreur.

GREAT job team, and awesome finish Joanie.   I feel like I raced a good one today up until the end... but I'll have made the mistake of miscalculating the laps by one, for the first and last time.  I can't believe it. 

Stage three is the crit tomorrow.  Crit number one for Juvéderm Specialized Mazda in 2011.  Should be a lot of fun.

Time to go down the rest of my E-load recovery.

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