Mar 20, 2011

Off Days Are Just as Eventful

What do the Juvéderm-Specialized-Mazda girls do on an off day?

1. Go on a 1.5hr easy coffee ride.  We all put our Speedplay Coffee Shop Caps to good use today!

2. Get acupuncture from Paul Gamache ( and Elizabeth Novak
3. Hit up Target because...I've never been there but I heard of it on CNBC.  (After experiencing Chipotle for the first time yesterday this was the next logical step to my cultural experience...)
4.Team dinner with rice noodles, and turkey meatballs.  Finished off with super fancy cupcakes from Anne.
5.Receive a lecture from Anne straight out of Cosmo on PDA, and more.  Great time for Val to get to practice new English vocab.

That's enough, time for bed, ride leaves at 9:30am sharp.  Be ready to load your bottles of E-Load  onto the bike!

1 comment:

  1. uh hi, yeah, call your sister. i hope you're having lots of fun! wear sunscreen.