Mar 25, 2011

Chaffey Auto Body Time Trial

Here are the results from stage one (Chaffey Auto Body Time Trial) of the San Dimas Road Race

Good thing all of the women started in the afternoon because it was pouring rain when we woke up.  I missed out on this morning's coffee, (provided by Jason and Leah and freshly ground by Joanie).  So Eric our mechanic gave me the rest of his Yukon coffee from MoJo's aunt and uncle.  Phewf, thanks man.

I had a decent warm-up time on the trainer, and made sure to stay hydrated with mandarin E-load. I took off the start line at 2:42:30, with my arm warmers.  It was one of those borderline temperature days...I wasn't quite sure how much or how little to wear but I made a good choice.

This stage was 3.8 miles of steady climbing with lots of switchbacks.  The gradient wasn't too steep, maybe only 4% average.  Almost perfect.  I had a good ride.  I think I did a decent job of keeping the best line possible which is really important on a twisty time trial course.  You can lose a lot of time if you swerve around the best line uselessly. Maybe I lacked a BIT of juice in the last third of the course...but I'll only be better for next time.

I got home to find that my Quarq powermeter had been delivered while I was racing.  I'll have that puppy installed shortly, I can't wait!

Stage two: TOMORROW.

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