Mar 16, 2011

In Carlsbad California!

Chilling at Starbucks in Carlsbad California with Joanie, Denise, and Val.

At 5am yesterday, I put on my DeFeet compression socks, and hopped on the plane in Montréal.  I had a connecting flight in Fort Worth Dallas, (which was great because riding the monorail train between terminals was a complete blast).
In San Diego, my bike box was already waiting for me, and my checked bag was spit onto the carousel in record time.  Pat, the mechanic for the beginning of this project was outside waiting in the Mazda 5.

At the team's house for the week in Carlsbad I put the bike together and went out for a spin with Véro, Anne, and our DS (directeur sportif) alongside the Pacific Coast.  NICE

Anyways, I hope nobody minded when I busted out my canned herring on the plane rides ;).  That stuff makes a MIGHTY fine lunch.

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