Jan 31, 2013

Speedy Delivery

Mr. McFeely passed by my place in Québec City with a special "Speedy Delivery".  Just kidding.  The UPS guy did though.  I posted the photo of the mystery box on Facebook and Twitter, and asked what you thought could be inside.

A lot of people presumed it was nailpolish.  I hope that one day I get a box of nailpolish delivered to my door.  My birthday is in April.  (Hint, hint.)

But there was actually a fancy tin box inside from TIME-SPORT USA.  TIME is a French company that makes high quality carbon bikes and frames, bike accessories, and pedals.
Check out the stats on Xpresso 8 carbon pedals HERE on TIME's website 
They had shipped me a brand new pair of TIME Xpresso 8 carbon pedals.  I knew they were coming but didn't expect them to arrive this quickly.  It's uncannily fitting though.  They say Xpresso is the FASTEST PEDAL EVER INVENTED.  Sweet, because I'll be racing and training with them this season! 

...I love special, speedy deliveries.  Thanks TIME.

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