Jan 28, 2013

February 2013 : What's to Come

Follow Lex Albrecht on Facebook and Twitter. The race season kicks off at the end of February, in Merced, California.  Here is the upcoming schedule:
February 1 - 7
Training block: POWERWATTS Studio (Montréal, QC, Canada)
February 8 - 17
Canadian National Cycling Team
training camp (SC, USA)
February 18 - 26
Training block: POWERWATTS Studio (Montréal, QC, Canada)
February 26 - 27
Final fitting, & Body Geometry Fit education at USA Specialized Headquarters (Morgan Hill, CA, USA)
February 28 - March 3 
RACE : Merco Cycling Classic (Merced, CA, USA)
March 3 - 12
Training Camp with NOW and Novartis for MS (Santa Barbara, CA, USA)

Message from LEX:
This winter, I have done a lot of hard, focused work on my bike indoors.  I have followed a strength and conditioning program put together by my physiotherapist.  I have logged a lot of intense workouts cross-country skiing (freestyle, or "skate" is my favorite!), and off-trail snowshoeing.

I am almost ready to kick off the 2013 race season.  I'll be making the most of the remaining training days left for preparation.  I'm looking forward to getting back into the race peloton and tearing up the scene with my N.O.W. and Novartis for M.S. teammates

Another huge thing that I am really looking forward to is getting fully kitted up in Specialized equipment for 2013.  I've already been sporting my favorite Specialized T-shirt in anticipation...

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