Jan 2, 2013

Resolutions of a Non-Believer

New Year's Resolutions: I don't believe in making them because when something needs to be changed, the time is NOW.  Not tomorrow,  not next week, and certainly not at the beginning of the next year. 

But, every one of my good days (there are about 358 of them, annually) I :

I want to be a well-rounded individual...figuratively speaking.  It'll make me a better athlete.  So, I took my reflections from January 1st, and made them into resolutions.  Just for the sake of calling them that.  But they're not "New Year's Resolutions", because I don't believe in that, remember?  Here are 3:

1.  Time to give some loving attention to my imagination and make a bit of an investment into becoming more cultured.  I'm a newspaper addict.  But I need to read more books.  They do the trick, in a way newspapers cannot. I'll take the time to read a book a few days a week.

2.  If you want big success, you've got to pay attention to small details.  My hips and legs are often tight and I could have a more powerful pedal stroke if I loosened them up.  I'll get hooked up with the best myo-fascial release tools, and be diligent about using them.

3. I want to crank out more watts.  There is more than one way to train, and the more you're willing to explore, learn, and discover, the greater the chances are of finding cool ways that work best for you.  I'll scout out some new techniques and training tools from sources that I can put my full trust into.  Because second-guessing and questioning training plans and techniques is not cool, and not effective.

Okay, okay.  One more.  I'm going to create and sport some rockin' nailpolish designs this year.  Just because I like to.  And that, is good for the mind, heart, and soul.  ;)


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  1. You got your own style of writing which is cool too, Lex. Like it :) -Resty from Baguio, Phil