Jan 7, 2013

Already Accomplishing in 2013

I made three Non-Resolutions on January 2. Here is how they're getting ACCOMPLISHED:

1- I'm finishing Steve Job's biography lent to me by a friend who calls it her BIBLE.  Gotta love it.  I have 8 chapters down and I'm getting into the good-and-juicy stuff.

2- I found the perfect product for my myofascial release work and hip loosening : Travel Roller.  I should have it later this week when I return to Québec City after a 9-day training block in Montréal, and I'll tell you WHY it's so cool.

3- This is the most exciting of all : PowerWatts Studio.  I want to push more WATTS.  If you want to get the job done, get yourself hooked up with the right tools.  Power Watts has leading edge training techniques, approaches and facilities.  Just check out their testimonial page to see who they've worked with in the past.
A body composition scan, a resting lactate test, double checking of my new bike measurements, and 1h45 of pure pedaling pleasure were on today's menu.
One of the "hugest" bonuses: I don't have to ask questions about whether I'm training right or not.  Everything from what I'll do before my warm-up to my hardest intensities are written out for me...and when I'm in the red zone and forget everything (it always happens) I just have to look up at the whiteboard to figure out what I should be doing.  That, is my style. AMEN.
Warming up on the rollers at Power Watts.  Lactate testing equipment is beside me, waiting to monitor my levels
My Orbea Orca is sleeping over at the PowerWatts studio, because I'll be back tomorrow and the next day for some more fun...
I love having the right tools to get the job done.

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