Feb 2, 2012

Back in My Livingroom

Optum Pro Cycling presented by Kelly Benefit Strategies had a spectacular team launch at the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis Minnesota.  The venue was gorgeous, and the event was very well put together.  The presentation took place on a theatre stage painted in azure blue, a complementary colour to Optum Orange.  Our new jerseys looked sharp up there...I sure thought so anyways!  Check out the team website.  The photos section has some nice images of the launch.  www.optumprocycling.com  Cyclingnews also published a great article about the women's side of things: Cyclingnews Article on Women's Optum Pro Cycling presented by Kelly Benefit Strategies

I flew back into the snowy world of Québec City on Tuesday night.  I had a great time in Minnesota (a word that I apparently pronounce like I'm from there...or from Canada), but I'm happy to be back on my Kinetic trainer in my own living room, pedaling the way I like to at this time of year. 

Next Tuesday, I'll be up before the roosters on another flight.  Destination: Team Camp in Ventura, California.  I'll be making the best of the remainder of the days I have here at home, but rest assured, I'll be happy to pack up my Thule luggage and take off for another trip in only a couple of days.

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  1. Ventura, wow ! Pine Mountain, Pino Mountain, Solvang, Figueroa Mountain, Casista Lake, Painted Cave rd, Gibraltor rd ... Lucky you ! Have a nice training. If you have time go to Spasso restaurant in Ventura, we've been there twice in a week, Italian food at it's best :)

    A Bilocq