Feb 11, 2012

How We Roll, How We Fuel, How We Pack, How We Find Our Bikes...

This is how we roll.  The team van and the Acura TSX Sportwagon team car with the training bikes on the roof.  There's plenty of room for all of us inside.  The van stays in the parking lot, and the team car follows us on our rides.  There's no need for tube changing on a ride or in a race because when someone gets a flat, Jeremy, or Rachel, or Adrian hops out of the Acura with a fresh HED wheel from the trunk, and swaps it. 
In the car, there's a magical box of Clif food (Bars, Shot Blocks, Shots, etc.) for re-fueling, and bottles of Clif Electrolyte drink in the cooler to keep us hydrated under the Cali sun.  We went through a lot of bottles on our long climbs...long as in over one hour going up.  I love it.

This is how we pack: Thule backpacks in the car with our ride gear, and post ride clothes and food.  The Thule backpack is as tough as anything which is good because I don't have time for handling this kind of gear with gentle caresses and a tender touch. Haha!
All of our race and training bikes are labeled with our names.  We've all got our own unique set-ups, and we we all had the opportunity to chose whichever Selle Italia saddle we wanted, but it's so much faster and easier to find our own machine when our names are written on the top tube.
I always step away from the group to turn my bike computer on so my heart rate strap synchs with my own device. 

Then, we pedal, and we love it.

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