Feb 10, 2012

The Second Day in the Saddle.

This is a shot from the pre-ride chat before heading out on the Orbea Orcas.  It was the second ride of the Optum Pro Cycling presented by Kelly Benefit Strategies training camp in Southern California. 
Photo: Sam Weibe

The weather was gorgeous.  The sky was blue and the sun was shining strong the entire day.  The temperature was in the high 20's.

The Acura TSX Sportwagon Optum Pro Cycling team car followed us along the coast and up into the hillier mainland.  Everything is in bloom here.  Sometimes it smells like spring, sometimes it smells like summer, and when we get home, it smells like ocean.  We all stopped just before arriving home to grab coffees and enjoy the sun. 

As soon as we reached homebase though, I set my bike aside, took off the bike shoes, and ran to the beach in the backyard.  We pretty much all did.  The waves were huge and the water was refreshing.  What a perfect way to end a perfect ride.  That was the second day in the saddle.  Give me more!

There are more pictures of our day on the Optum Pro Cycling website : www.optumprocycling.com

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