Feb 9, 2012

Optum Pro Cycling Cruises in the Acura TSX Sportwagon

I got a ride in one of the team cars for the first time today.  I volunteered to take the backseat of the Acura TSX Sportwagon decked out in Optum Pro Cycling colours, and enjoyed the new car smell while the sun beamed through the sunroof.  I love sunroofs.  I don't know why people drive with the window shade closed though.  I never got that.

My teammate Kristen navigated, and Carmen handled the car like it was nobody's business.  She had to, or else we were going to be late for the team meeting.  We had important errands to run and we couldn't put them off until later.

The opinions were unanimous.  The car is slick.  It rides smooth, and it's decked out with nice features.  I like the reverse-cam screen that lights up when the car backs up.  A perfect feature for a cycling team car because I've seen people drive over bicycle frames and wheels before.  I got my trike run over by a neighbour when I was a kid too.  I'll never forget it.  He didn't have a car like ours. What's more is that the trunk closes all by itself, which is perfect for when our hands, or our soigneur Jeremy's hands, or our director Rachel's hands...are full of: Clif bars, clothes, bike parts, etc.!

Our team director (Rachel) was the last one to drive the team Acura TSX Sportwagon before us.  Rachel had left the AC switched to on, as well as the seat warmers.  My teammates found this pretty ironic.  Regardless, Carmen said she would drive with heated seats always if she could.  So she did.

This is "only" team camp, but I think this car is going to look even slicker (as in: off-the-wall HOT) when it'll have bikes on the Thule roof racks, coolers of bottles in the backseat, and tons of spare wheelsets in the trunk when it's in the race caravan, chasing the peloton through some wild racecourses.  It's got the room and the guts to do all of that. 

The Acura TSX Sportwagon is an awesome cycling team car.  It's on 4 wheels, we're on 2, but it's an integral member of the team.  Welcome abord.

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