Feb 19, 2012

LAX to YQB and a New Member of My Carry-On Family

Optum Pro Cycling presented by Kelly Benefit Strategies ran a training camp for the men's and women's teams in Southern California.  It was a a first chance for the entire groups to ride Orbea road bicycles together, meet a few sponsors, learn about equipment, experiment a bit with new ride and recovery food products from Clif, and test the legs on some long rides, hilly rides, fast rides, and...a coffee shop ride as well.  Just one.

After 10 days I returned to the LAX airport.  This is what I made sure to have in my Thule backpack that I carried aboard:

A couple of airplane snacks.  Apples, lettuce and tomato that I made into a makeshift salad.  Produce is priced at a fortune-and-a-half at airports.  I like to think ahead and beat them at their own game.  (I threw in a can of herring as well...of course.  The finest travel food known to Lexkind.)

My toothbrush.  Hey, having dirty teeth on a cross country flight is not fun.

Earplugs and earbuds.  I want to watch the TV shows onboard, and when I'm sick of them, I want to sleep! 

Compex: I made sure to have my Compex muscle stimulator nearby in the Thule backpack.  I tried to use it discretely.  It was my first, but NOT last time using the Compex on a plane.  My legs felt awesome when I landed back in Quebec.  The Compex not only helped with recovery, but it kept the blood flowing through my legs during the flight.  A new member of my official carry-on family.   I made a quick video of me using it...how can you not want one of these puppies!

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