Jan 30, 2012

How to Make the Best of Hotel Room Coffee

What beats the convenience of Hotel Room Coffee?  Several things.  But it's convenient nonetheless. 

Over the past few days in Minneapolis MN, I've brewed up more than several pots of this java-in-a-pouch and some have been better than others.  I won't claim that I'm an expert, but I am picking up a few tricks to perfecting Hotel Room Coffee brewing.

1. Don't fill the machine with the maximum amount of water unless you like your joe very, very wimpy.  Go for a maximum of 3.5 cups of water instead of the indicated 4 if you want something decent.

2. Make sure the coffee pouch is centered in the holder and that the coffee grounds aren't pushed over to one side.  Maximize the amount of coffee that the water will go through EVERY MOMENT of the brewing process!

3.  Apparently, it's best to fill the machine with already warm or hot water. This is to give the little machine an extra hand with heating up the water to a reasonable temperature by the time it goes through the coffee.  The coffee seems very hot once it's in the pot, which may be a bit misleading because the POT itself been sitting on the heated element.  My new teammate Janel introduced got me thinking about this tip, proof that teamwork on Optum Pro Cycling p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies has already begun ;)|

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