Jan 24, 2012

Heading to Minnesota

In two days I'll be off to the airport again for my 3rd small adventure of the year.  This time the destination: Minnesota. I've never been there before.  The first time I realized where it was on the map was in my early days of grade school.  It's the state that is home to Duluth, where one extremity of the St. Lawrence Seaway lays.

Why Minnesota?  2012 team presentation.  I can't wait to meet the new members and to share all of the news with everyone.  The adventure continues.  And I love adventures.  In the meantime, I still have a few more rides to do on my Kinetic trainer.   I'll keep the updates flowing.  And a new colour scheme on the site is coming in a couple of days...can't wait!

Every single time I'm heading off somewhere I think, "Geez, if I had some blue suede shoes I'd put them on to board the plane."  Like in the song.  I still don't have any blue suede shoes though, so I'll have to do with my regular footwear.

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