Jan 10, 2012

Treasures in the Mail.

A few days ago it became official.  I live in the Capital National, Québec!

It's not the same here.  It's colder.  There is more snow in the streets.  People are out on the streets bundled up like it's nothing, walking here and there.  The postman chats with me, as do the appliance guys that lent a hand bringing in my new washer and dryer.  We're all buddies here I think...

With moving comes a lot of work, organizing, and time investment.  The trick to avoid being overwhelmed is biting off small chunks at a time and celebrating the small victories.  One box at a time.  One address change at a time.

I've got my living room set up for training though.  That was a priority.  I also know where all of my ski equipement is.  That was also high on the list.  My espresso machine is up and running as well.

Yesterday I received my first special delivery in the mail.  A big green box.  The delivery man chatted with me, and asked me what my new treasure was.  A Kurt Kinetic Trainer.  Next thing on the list is to set this puppy up.  I can't wait to ride it in my new living room in the Capital National.  Yeehaw, I'm here- I'm home!

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  1. Bienvenue à Québec!

    Au plaisir de se croiser dans Les Équerres!