Dec 25, 2011

Merry Xmas From Lex

Merry Xmas!  I wish everyone health, love, oodles of epic rides, and...

Following a poll that was posted over a 5 day period on the Lex Albrecht Facebook page, the three most popular gifts on a cyclist's wishlist are:

1.  0.5 watts/kg
2.  A new bike
3.  Clean water bottles

If you want number 1: work hard and you'll get it.
If you want number 2: you'd better have been a very very wise little boy or girl, or be extremely good buddies with a very generous gift-giver
If you want number 3: you're pretty easy to satisfy, and you probably can appreciate the greatness of one of my favorite appliances: the dishwasher.

May your holiday wishes come true!

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