Dec 10, 2011

Second Shift: 24h Tremblant

The second shift at the 24h Tremblant was a blast! 

I pedaled 4 hours alongside some of my 24h Tremblant teammates as the skiers and snowboarders ripped up and down the slopes.  There are shows going on on the stage in front of the tent we're pedaling under, and tons of people cheering us on.
The view from our spinning tent! Photo: Randy Ferguson

I wore wool socks inside of my S-Works shoes, and used my new hot-pads.  Lyne put a super heater in front of me during my shift, and my feet stayed relatively toasty. Most importantly, all of the toes are still there.

It's wicked to see so many enthusiastic people, having such a good time playing hard outside for a great cause: supporting sick children's charities!  We're almost at our collective team goal of $5000.  Please offer your support, and help us reach our goal!

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