May 24, 2011

GP Hudson. 1 to 6!

After racing in Gatineau, Juvéderm-Specialized-Mazda work up nice and early, hopped in the Mazda team car, found a place with free coffee and busted it to race in Hudson. 
Here's how the race played out:

Anne Guzman and Val Crête attack, and break off the front with a group of girls. 

Anne attacks again when she sees the girls are hurting in one of the hills. 

Val re-joins the peloton, and Véronique Labonté tells me to go. 

I bust it up the hill to catch up with Anne.  Nobody follows.  Her and I do almost two laps alone off the front.  Then I look back, and see three Juvéderm-Specialized-Mazda jerseys not far behind.  I get a little giddy giggle building up in my throat but I hold off because I'm a little tired from our breakaway efforts.

Joanie Caron, Véronique Labonté, and Denise Ramsden join Anne and I.  We race the last laps of that puppy as a group of five. 

Meanwhile, Moriah-JO MacGregor breaks off of the peloton behind us with 15km to go and rides the rest of the race between the two groups. 

The five of us off the front decide to practice a lead-out for Joanie, and make sure that Anne gets her well deserved spot on the podium for her awesome efforts of the day. 

Juvéderm-Specialized-Mazda gets 1st-6th. Weehooo!

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