May 8, 2011

Joe Martin Stage Race: Stage 2, Another Podium for Juvederm Specialized Mazda

I was excited about the second stage finish of the Joe Martin Stage Race.  The course itself was nice. It was safe, there were some rolling hills, the scenery was nice.  But, right before the finish, there were three turns, and then an uphill straightaway to the finish line.

I like those uphill finishes.

My teammates covered most of the attacks during the race.  We shared bottles of Eload amongst ourselves. I tried to stay fresh, and hydrated for the end.  I wanted to torque it up to that finish line with the right amount of oumpf in the legs. 

Anne Guzman and Mojo (Moriah-Jo MacGregor) were up at the front of the pack on their Specialized S-Works Amiras near the end, not letting the pace get down too low.  If it did, the pack would bunch up making it tougher to keep a good position.  Véro Labonté was first wheel through the second and third last corners, and I was second wheel.  I was set up well for the last finish where Colavita, Tibco, and Map My Ride riders were aiming to set up as well.  I torqued it up to the finish line and crossed second. 

Another podium for Juvéderm-Specialized-Mazda, thanks to some great teamwork! 

Juvéderm Specialized Mazda GC: 4th
Lex GC: 3rd

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