May 8, 2011

Stage 3 of the 34th Annual Joe Martin Stage Race.

The time difference between first and second place in GC was 0.05 seconds. 

It was a pretty hot day, and quite breezy.  Nothing compared to Gila, but the wind was there regardless.  I soaked my jersey with water that our soigneur, MC, prepared before the start to keep myself cool.  She takes good care of us.

There were several attacks during stage 3, but no successful breakaways in the race.   All of us were up at the front of the pack.  Vero was there to lead me out but I didn't get on her wheel at the right moment.  The finish was fast.  There was a tail wind, it was slightly downhill.  Nothing like the uphill hammerfest of yesterday.  I only managed 8th.

Colavita won first and second place today, moving them up into first place of the GC.  We still maintain 3rd , by a margin of 4 seconds from 4th place.  We are 9 seconds behind 2nd, and 19 seconds behind 1st place GC, in part due to the time bonuses given to the top three finishers of each stage. 

The next and final stage is an unusual crit, with a nice uphill kicker, and a fast decent in the course.  I'm looking forward to this one.

As soon as the race finishes we've got to pack 'er up and fly back home.  Back to my "other" reality!

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