Jun 3, 2011

Liberty Classic Take-Two This Weekend

I got up this morning and hauled my indoor set-up onto my balcony.  I had to spin a bit before work and the neighbours hate the reverberations that my beloved trainer sends rumbling through the floor.  They haven't complained about the balcony yet.  I'm counting my lucky stars.

One more session of work.  Then I'm zoom-zooming off to Philly in the Mazda5 for my second Liberty Classic race.  Last year I crashed, hard.  This year, I won't.

I love when it's "that time of the week", when I get together with my blue, white, and red clad Juvéderm-Specialized-Mazda teammates and race.  It's like being tossed into another world, the best reality that I could ask for.

ONE LOVE, TWO WHEELS.  Happy riding, boys and girls.

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