Jun 4, 2011

The Mazda5 Team Car

Mazda Canada sponsors Juvéderm-Specialized-Mazda.  They've given us a few team cars, that we love.  Here's a couple reasons why:

The sliding side doors:  They take up no space, and are convenient.  They don't slam shut in the wind, it's easy to get in and out of the car when it's parked right next to the team tent before races without disturbing anyone, and it leaves lots of space to get stuff in and out of the car.  OUT with regular hinged doors!  IN with the sliders! YES!

The Zoom Zoom Effect:  I race a Specialized bike.  That means I don't like going slow and I don't like sluggish acceleration.  I like good handling.  Mazda delivers.

Space:  Tons of it.  Three rows of seating for when we're going to the coffee shop or grocery store as a team.  They fold down easily and make lots of room for bikes and luggage right inside the car.  Tons of legroom, even in the back seat.  I love it.

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