Sep 18, 2012

Skeptical That the Evening Ice Cream Business is Good

It's dark out, almost 9pm, the thermometer outside reads under 10 degrees celcius.  But the ice cream truck is still chiming away down the street in Tielt-Winge, Belgium.

The dogs next door are barking.  And barking.  And barking.  Nobody knows why.  But we're not worried because for the past 3 years since the Canadian National Cycing team has set up Euro-base here, the dogs have done the same.  It's just, ''normal''.  I'm not used to it yet though.

Earlier on today, after a long warm-up section of my ride, I tried taking a short cut to the spot where I wanted to do my intervals.  Short-cuts here rarely turn out short.  It was a long-cut.  I should have known.  The small roads are so twisty, and windy, and littered with intersections that it is easy to lose one's bearings.  I lost mine. 

My new favorite food is brussel sprouts.  I'm not sure how long this trend will last for but I have a feeling that it is far from going out.  An excellent way to work up a good appetite for them is by taking ''short-cuts'' through small Belgian roads.

I watched my teammates Joëlle and Rhae tear it up at the World Time Trial Championships today on the TV.  All of the juniors, the U23 men and the female elite athletes watched together in the living room of the base's ''appartment'', where a fire was burning in the woodstove.  It was kind of like a storybook setting.  Kind of.  But cooler.

And that, is about it.  I'm looking forward to tomorrow morning.  I'll be back on my Orbea to continue preparing for the World Championships in Valkenburg.

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