Sep 21, 2012

Maple Leaf: From Tielt-Winge to the Cauberg, a Team Effort

A couple of days ago, an idea was born, and I was given a task, some supplies, then left to get to work.

I carefully measured out a giant Maple leaf on some sheets of cardboard, making sure to create them to be as symmetrical and proportioned as possible.  I took this challenge seriously.  It's the Maple Leaf, you don't mess with that kind of thing.

Bruno, one of our mechanics, helped trace my original version out on a second piece of cardboard and we cut it out.  Then I gave our creations away.  I didn't know where they were going, or who would take them...I just had faith in their destiny.  (Hokey?  No, this is the kind of stuff that got me high 90's in my 9th grade, and only religion class.)

The next morning I saw this outside.  And in the afternoon, I saw my leaves crushed up and smeared with red and white, waiting at the side of the road to be collected by the garbage men.  I was almost sad. But I suppose they lived out their lifespan. 
Now, after pre-riding the course, I think I know what mandate my special leaves had.  Check out what the Canadians, and the rest of the world will be riding over, on the legendary Cauberg climb in Valkenburg, Netherlands.

Talk about a DREAM COME TRUE.  My name, LEX and those of my teammates, in huge letters amongst tons of maple leaves, all in red and white.  At Worlds.  Wow.  I heard the paint isn't excatly washable either, so I don't think it will come off any time soon. 

This isn't me, but it's somebody who appreciates a good paint job when they see it
To whoever made this magic happen, thank you!

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  1. Here's a link to the maple leaves and names (seen at 1:44 and 2:19)'s+RR+Highlights&dashboard=road-cycling-world-championships&id=tcmid=tcm-5-1440312&yr=2012