Apr 30, 2011

Stage 2 of the Tour of the Gila

Stage two saw Heather Logan-Sprenger win solo, after a break that lasted a significant part of the race.  Super impressive.

I went off of the course into the shallow, rocky ditch on a twisty downhill section in the Gila National Forest.  I didn't go down though, and hopped right back in the race.  I wasn't feeling top-shape for the first whole two thirds of the stage but I feel like my form is coming back.  Thanks a lot to Anne for bringing me back into a decent spot in the pack when I was dangling, and MoJo for brining me my first Coke of the race.  I needed a bit of life knocked into me and it did the trick.

Other than that I stayed hydrated with my Eload, and I fueled myself with 3 bars during the race.  Even if you don't feel hungry, it's important to eat on the bike!

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