Apr 26, 2011

Silver City New Mexico is Windy

Today is Tuesday.  By departure time for our ride (9:15), the wind was already howling.  They were calling for 75 mph winds.  I don't know if it got up that high...but it was Kite Flying Championships weather for sure.  We're here for a bike race though. 

We pre-rode the time trial course.  I had to encourage myself that I could stay on my bike and not get blown off the course.  The same way I encourage myself not to crash out of the cross-country ski tracks in the Parc de la Mauricie on the speediest of days.  My positive self-talk worked. 

The 25th annual Tour of the Gila (pronounced "Hee-la" for those of you who don't know) begins tomorrow.  At 8:25. AM.  It'll be 5 stages of pure pleasure in and around Silver City, New Mexico.  I've missed being away for racing with the team.  With the crazy winds, the racing is going to be quite a bit different than what I'm used to, but it's going to be fun.  Bike racing always is.

I'm going to go get a last massage before I hit the sack for the last time before the race.  Sleep tight, boys and girls.

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  1. Il me semblait bien qu'il y avait quelque chose de pas catholique derrière les lunettes de cette petite cycliste qui m'a dépassé comme une flèche à la mi-parcours du défi vélo mag à l'automne passée...

    Intéressant ton blog mademoiselle.

    Bon succès à Silver City !