Apr 25, 2011

From Rain and Hail to Hot and Humid

Yesterday, Véro Labonté got another podium for Juvéderm Specialized Mazda at the Grand Prix Ste. Martine, the race that kicks off the season in Québec.  She attacked and successfully broke away in the middle of the race.  She was joined by a few other riders and they managed to stay away from the peloton.  As the end neared, she attacked again and won solo.  Way to go champ!

It wasn't the most gorgeous of days.  There was rain, hail, and a lot of wind.  There were a heck of a lot of DNFs across all of the categories.  I had one in the master B race in the morning.  At least I was successful in surviving the registration line-up...

This evening we flew out of Montréal, to Fort Lauderdale, Florida (the heat and humidity really hit us when we got off of the plane).  It's a "special" airport.  I much prefer the monorail of Dallas Fort Worth.  Here...there are baggage carousels, fake flowers, and funny smelling hallways.  But it's pretty quiet.  I guess it should be at 1am anyways.

Our connecting flight to Arizona is at 7am tomorrow morning.  Véro and I opted out of a hotel and are camping in the airport.  We've got a decent set-up going on.  I'll be sleeping on my bike box.  In fact...I'm headed there right now.  Goodnight!

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