Feb 23, 2014

In Arizona and California with Team TWENTY16

Lex, Greta, and Abbey. Team TWENTY16

Team TWENTY16 kicked off the 2014 season at Valley of the Sun stage race in the Phoenix AZ area.  The 3 day race was a perfect event for us to get to know eachother, get dialed in on our new Felt bikes, feel out the eachother's riding styles, and ENJOY racing!

It was also the perfect time to get familiar with the nutritional products we'll be using this season.  I've fueled with CLIF over many years, but this time around I got the chance to test out some new CLIF products.  I wasn't familiar with Kit's bars, and they're my new favourite I think!  We're also hydrating with MRI's products.  I like to start the race with a half-portion of MRI's mix in one of my bottles, and grab a full-strength one in the feed-zone during the race.
Kit's Organic cashew and fruit bar is my favourite flavour so far, but they're ALL so good!  They're so soft and moist.
Next, we're off to southern California for our team camp.  Our first priority is to get some great training rides and drills in together. There will be a lot of awesome things going on with our sponsors during camp, ant that will be a lot of fun too.  Then, Murietta Stage Race in Southern California will wrap up this first block... and I'll head home to my trusty eMotion Rollers, and my espresso machine (I'm all about living in the moment, but okay, okay, I admit, I'm missing that thing...)
One of the final espresso shots that I pulled before leaving Montréal...good memories. I'd still rather be here with my team though ;)

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