Feb 6, 2014

Winter Training : Riding the Rollers

The off-season is no vacation; training doesn't stop, it just changes.  The goal is to recover, then prepare for the next season.   The majority of my training is done on my own bike, regardless of the time of year.  In the winter, I ride indoors more than ever.

Training indoors is ideal for a hard, intense and easily quantifiable session.  On the road distractions such as traffic, terrain, and weather can make focusing on maximum efforts and longer intervals challenging.  That's why I train on the rollers even in the summer from time to time!
The best unit is eMotion's Inside Ride rollers.  I ride them at home, and at PowerWatts Premier Studio in Montréal.  Rollers are like a treadmill for a bicycle.  They allow the rider to pedal and maintain balance, like riding out on the road.  It's a great way to work on certain aspects of technique, because the rollers amplify the effects of a choppy pedal stroke.  The smoother the pedal stroke, the more efficient a cyclist will be.  More efficiency means.... more speed!  Plus, since the feeling is so realistic, riding the rollers doesn't get boring like riding a trainer can!

eMotion rollers bring even more to the table.  This is why they're my favourite:
1.  They're the first rollers to have a technology that allows them to rock back and forth with the bike.  This boosts the smoothness of the ride.  It also allows the rider to sprint hard, without flying off of the rollers and into a wall. 
2. The small wheels (they look like Rollerblade wheels) prevent the bike from going off the side of the rollers.  They're like little bumpers that keep the bike on track.
3. The bumper bars on the back of the unit keep the rear wheel where it's supposed to be: on the rollers.  Not in the air, or on the livingroom floor ;).
4. The incorporated resistance unit allows the rider to add on additional resistance for tougher workouts.
If you want to be good and strong on the bike, you have to train ON the bike!  For me, rollers are a super valuable and absolutely essential part of my training regiment.  These ones are my personal favourite.

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