Feb 4, 2014

Improve your ride. Improve your life. Improve the world.

I'm going 11 speed for 2014 baby!  (That's an extra cog on the cassette, compared to anything most people, including myself, have ever had the chance to ride.  Do I feel lucky?  Oh, yeah.) All of TWENTY16's Felt bikes are going to be fitted with the new 11 speed SRAM Red.  SRAM is probably the best bicycle component maker in the world because of their leading edge technology and innovation, their  corporate culture, and the initiatives they take to make a difference in the WORLD.   Just watch the  video, you'll understand.

Improve your ride.  Improve your life.  Improve the world.  That's how SRAM rolls, and that's how I  want to roll too.  Hey, that's how I will roll!

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