Mar 11, 2014

Team Camp and Racing. Like a Good Shot of Espresso and Fine Caviar.

Team camp and racing. They're kind of like a good shot of espresso and fine caviar. They're so great alone, but they don't typically go together. My first block as a new member of TWENTY16 Pro Cycling included both team camp and racing.

I'm going to reconsider pairing exquisite seafood with top notch espresso, because racing during training camp was a fine idea. It allowed TWENTY16 riders to get to know eachother, learn how to cohesively capitalize on each racer's strengths in a fast paced, dynamic race environment.

Valley of the Sun Stage Race in Arizona kicked off the block (Allie Dragoo's overview of Valley of the Sun HERE), followed by 2 solid weeks of training and sponsor activities. TWENTY16 finished it off with nothing short of a double BANG! At Murrieta Stage Race in California.

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