Mar 26, 2014

Special Edition LEX ALBRECHT Watch

I've worked together closely with Modify Watches to create 2 special edition pieces.  They will be produced and available for purchase...pending on the success of their Kickstarter Campaign (To get one of these special edition pieces, pledge $45 here:

DESIGN 1: COEUR. JAMBES. ESPRIT.  My most motivational and powerful message.  Often times I tape a message to my bars: COEUR JAMBES ESPRIT.  In French it means, "Heart. Legs. Soul."  Every athlete knows that it's absolutely essential for these 3 elements to work together in harmony.

On the hardest days of training or in the final kilometers of a grueling stage race, sometimes a reminder helps keep all three in line... Looking at the message, I remind myself: "I have the strongest heart, the strongest legs, and the strongest spirit." then, I CRANK OUT THE WATTS.
Modify Watches: Special Edition LEX ALBRECHT design. "COEUR. JAMBES. ESPRIT.". (Heart. Legs. Soul.)  Why is the message on a SLANT!?  The message is written on an angle so that it's easy to read at a glace when my hands are on my ZIPP handlebars.  This is the coolest watch - ever.
You have to believe your heart is strong, you can't let your legs "feel tired", and your spirit must be positive and energetic.

DESIGN 2: Chic, classy, and FUN!

This watch is a fun, and chic look that totally flies for wearing "off-of-the-bike".  The tiny bike sprockets pattern that I came up with is cool, fun, and subtly "bikey".  It ties in a passion for cycling, without being gaudy.  I made a neutral colour face that will fit perfectly with any Modify Watch strap colours. I can't wait to wear this one. 
Modify Watches - LEX ALBRECHT Special Edition white model.  Subtle, chic, and fun!
Modify Watches is a California based company that produces fun watches with interchangeable straps and faces.  I have a whole collection of them!
Tons of Modify Watches straps and faces.  They're all interchangeable!

This combo fits well with off-the-bike wear
Modify Watches look cool all of the time...!

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