Aug 30, 2012

Jet Lag

The trick with dealing with jet lag on a North America -Europe trip with an evening departure is :

   1. Wake up really early the day of departure, to be über tired in the evening
   2. Sleep on the plane
   3. Rise and shine in Europe in the morning fully rested, ready to start the adventure.

It didn't quite work for me for a few reasons. 
   -Alarm clock troubles in step 1. 
   -Comfort and baby issues in step 2. 
   ...but, I was still stoked for step 3. 

Regardless of how the steps go, the next rule is: no sleeping until nighttime.  It's the fastest, most effective way to get over jet lag.  It's tough, but worth it.

Today, Matt Knight took those of us who arrived this morning out on a perfect spin that he calls the ''Welcome to Belgium Loop''.  We've all been here before, and we've all stayed at the National Team house in Tielt-Winge, but the roads here are confusing and it's nice not to have to worry about direction issues when jet-lag is raging.

By the time late afternoon rolled around I needed a new activity though.  So I hopped on one of the Canada Cycling Cruisers with two of the junior men, and we cruised around Tielt.  We came across a circus being set up and checked out the animals.  Here is the video story of our adventure:

The ride on the Canadian Cycling ''cruiser'' bikes

The sleeping camel
But check out this camel

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