Aug 2, 2012

Hanging out in Chicago

The flag of the city of Chicago
Normally, I don't get a lot of time to be a tourist when I'm on the road.  I see a lot of pelotons, gorgeous race courses, hotel rooms and host homes, but not a lot of the cities I am in.

Exceptionally,  I hung up my Champion Systems cycling kit, and went out to explore Chicago, IL with my teammates Jade and Leah, and Ken (the new American Criterium Champion!) and Tom from the men's team joined us. 
Tom introduced me to Italian Ice at the Navy Pier, and Ken brought us on a boat tour for an architectural tour of the city.  Too cool. 

I'm not a fan of pizza but the others were keen on getting some authentic deep-dish Chicago-style stuff.  After they scouted some out, we hit up the Wrigley Field to watch a Chicago Cubs game
Wrigley Field

The drive home was extra special as Tom took Jade, Leah, Ken and I on a tour of some of the roads that Batman films have been shot on.  Chicago, you're a fun city to be a tourist in.


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