Jul 13, 2011

Tour de Toona: Stage 4

Stage 4 of the Tour de Toona was a 30 lap long-course criterium held in downtown Altoona, PA.  Part of the course was the same as Stage 1.  There were nine corners, some a bit sketchier than others, and that's part of what makes the race fun. 

The yellow jersey leader got dropped from the pack, and the GC was consequently taken over by Janel Holcomb.  Denise Ramsden of Juvéderm Specialized Mazda scored a few sprint points on an intermediate sprint.

During this entire race (all four stages) I felt a bit rough out on the roads mostly because I was riding through the end of a summertime cold, and was coming back after a few 'easy days', that perhaps could have been a bit more plentiful.  I really had a lot of fun though.

Right after the crit, I busted it back home to Québec, Canada, slept for 3 hours and went to work...Next up: Europe.

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