Jul 10, 2011

Tour de Toona: Stage 3.

This past weekend marks the 6th anniversary of me hauling my life across the Ontario-Québec border, and finding a way to survive and then thrive in the Belle Province.  Not an easy task at all for a little anglophone girl all by her lonesome, but well worth the battle.

However, of all of the new words and expressions I've learned over the past few years, I "wasn't much chop" best suits how I did on stage 3 of the Tour de Toona.  Of course, it's not French, but it's the best way to describe me in the third stage.  We most definitely won't go into details though. 

Big-ups to my teammate Joanie Caron who stayed away for a good part of the race in a breakaway.  Props to all of the girls in the peloton who I found handled the hastle of being turned around and stopped for a significant amount of time TWICE during the race, after the marshalls directed us off course.  My teammate Denise Ramsden got directed off course for a third time just before the finish, meaning her group lost a good part of the gap they had gained on the girls just behind them.  It was a bizarre race, but still quite a bit of fun, mostly because of the great scenery...rolling, twisty roads, in and out of villages and forests.

After the finish, we were sitting under the team tent.  I asked our DS, Marc, how far away from home we were.  Apparently it would take us the same amount of time to get home as it took us to get to the start of the race that morning.  Hmm.  What a coincidence.  A teammate piped up and told me "come on Lex, don't you recognize where we are?".  The finish was at the same place as the start...  Tough day.

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