Nov 17, 2014


#LEXvsLARAQUE ended up being even more "exciting" than we bargained for.

Snow was falling, the air was cold, but the anticipation and excitement of #LEXvsLARAQUE was energizing!  Georges blasted off of the start line with a huge effort.  I followed, hoping that he wouldn't hold his pace for too long.  Otherwise, the climb was going to be a lot more painful than I had planned for.  To my surprise, several hundred meters later where false-flat section began, and where Georges should have had the greatest advantage, he had already fallen behind.

Helping Georges with his cleats & pedals (I can't win against a guy who cannot manage to clip in!) Photo : Guy Maguire (#LEXvsLARAQUE)
Approaching the finish line for my first victory celebration #LEXvs LARAQUE. Photo: Guy Maguire
I won fair and square in the cold and snowy race up the Mont Royal.  The gap was so big that I decided to go back down and finish George's final few hundred meters with him ... so I could win twice.  I pulled out some good sportsmanship spirit and encouraged Georges.  Then, punched it over the finish line ahead of him, again. 

Photo : Guy Maguire
George's huge effort left him totally exhausted, so much that he wasn't responding to anybody once he crossed the finish line.  After a couple of minutes, I was quite scared and flagged down an ambulance.  (I wanted to beat him, not kill him!)
Photo : Guy Maguire
Photo : Guy Maguire
Photo : Guy Maguire
Photo : Guy Maguire

CBC Montréal was at the race (along with around 100 other spectators), and filmed this report :

Thank GOODNESS, Georges was okay.  He got out of the hospital about as fast as he blasted off of the start line of our race.  We laughed about it all over lunch at Crudessence.


  1. Chapeau Lex and Georges!! Good fun!!

  2. Round one to Lex. Well done. Georges needs to read up on weight to power ratios and hill climbing... On to round two... may I suggest one of the following:
    Saturday, December 6 at Pauls Cycle in Pointe Claire - a rolling hills TT in support of the Defi Pierre Lavoie (check out the Cycles Paul facebook site)
    December 7: PowerWatts West Island


    PowerWatts West Island and the West Island Mission would like to invite you to join us on Sunday December 7th for an afternoon of riding to benefit the West Island Mission's Holiday food basket campaign.

    Three waves will be available at 11:00am, 12:00pm, and 1:00pm. riders will have a chance to challenge themselves over a 20 minute course all for a good cause.
    A draw for a PowerWatts/Oakley prize pack will be held among the riders of each wave. (Check the facebook site)

    Rolling Hills give Georges a better chance (still very small!!!!) and both these races are rolling hills.