Nov 13, 2014

Lex Albrecht vs. Georges Laraque

It's ON! Are you in the Montréal area?  Come out to see a true battle go down this weekend. 

What's that saying about "picking on people your own size"?  Georges Laraque is probably 4 times bigger than me, is an adamant proponent of vegan-ism, and has an impressive 13 year NHL career that he finished off with the Montréal Canadiens in the bank.

He is also convinced that he can beat me in a cycling race in Montréal.... Game on. I'm up for the challenge.
Georges Laraque VS Lex Albrecht. Sunday November 16 2014, come and watch the battle go down! 
photo source:
Photo credit : Brian Hodes
Georges and I are going to see who's truly the fastest this Sunday November 16.  We'll be racing from the base of Mont Royal's Camilien Houde climb.  Who do you think will win?  Let us know on Twitter (@Lex_Albrecht and @GeorgesLaraque) using hashtag #LEXvsLARAQUE

: Camilien Houde.
   Start : Just after the final set of lights at the base of Camillien Houde
   Finish : Crest of Camillien Houde (marked by a while line across the road).
 When : Sunday, November 16, 2014. 10 am. (show up early, around 9:30-9:45!)

I don't know what I've gotten myself into, but I'm determined, and I could use all of the support you can give!  Come share your energy, cheer for your favourite and watch the battle go down - Let us know that you'll be there with an RSVP on Facebook:
Professional cyclist Lex Albrecht.  Photo : N. Paquet.


  1. Surveille son jus protéiné dans ses bouteilles...

  2. He might show up with an electric bike!

    1. Electric bike won't be of any use, Georges will need a Harley to beat Lex up the "Houde".

  3. Il va se faire rincer solide. Je te donne 1 min d'avance sur lui en haut... Minimum

    1. Facile une minute, je dirais même 2-3!

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  5. It's not even fair... He may be a pro athlete, in retirement that is, but he is also huge/heavy, and this is a hill climb.

  6. Is the race still on with the snow?