Nov 6, 2014

Excited to Ride for Optum Pro Cycling p/b Kelly Benefits Strategies in 2015

I'm excited to announce that I've signed a new contract for 2015, with American trade team, Optum Pro Cycling presented by Kelly Benefits Strategies.  I rode for Optum in 2012, my first year of professional cycling and I'm excited to return as a more experienced, and stronger rider.  I'm eager to contribute to the team's exceptionally talented and strong roster :

Lex Albrecht (CAN)
Annie Ewart (CAN)
Jasmin Glaesser (CAN)
Janel Holcomb (USA)
Ariane Horbach (USA)
Maura Kinsella (USA)
Leah Kirchmann (CAN)
Ally Stacher (USA)
Alison Tetrick (USA)
Brianna Walle (USA)

Optum will compete on the professional circuit in the US and Canada, as well as in Europe - where they had considerable success the past 2 seasons since their European program was launched.  Being a member of a trade team with a European program was a very important element that I was seeking for 2015, and I feel fortunate to have the chance to be a part of Optum Pro Cycling presented by Kelly Benefits Strategies in part for this reason.  Optum has an excellent group of respectable, knowledgeable and motivated people running the team, as well as a knack for creating rosters with super good chemistry - which makes all the difference during race season.  The strong group of sponsors and supporters behind the team also helps make Optum the highly reputable and successful team that it is, and I'm so glad to say that I'll be a part of it next year.
January 2012 : kicking off my first professional season with Optum Pro Cycling.  I'm so excited to be returning for 2015!
 I will continue to be based in Montréal, Québec, and train at the PowerWatts Premier Studio in Montréal. 


With two of my TWENTY16 teammates, Greta and Abby. What an awesome season!

I am  grateful to have had the chance to ride with TWENTY16 Pro Cycling for 2014.  The opportunities they provided during 2014 were second to none, and the moral and material support that they gave to me and all of their athletes was always top-notch.  During the highest parts of the season, and the lowest.  Thank you for your consistant support and patience when I needed it (early season concussion and late season illness). I am proud to have been a part of a program that has played an essential role in winning Olympic medals and World Championship titles.  It was an emotionally difficult decision to have chosen to step away for 2015, but I continue to have the utmost respect for the program, sponsors, riders, and especially the management and staff of TWENTY16.  Thank you for an exceptional year...I feel like it changed me as a bike rider and as an individual for good, and for the better! 

Photo: B. Hodes.  TWENTY16 Pro Cycling, 2014

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