Apr 11, 2014

Victory +1, at Sea Otter Classic

After an aggressive raceday of textbook teamwork, TWENTY16 stands atop of the podium at Sea Otter Classic (Laguna Seca Speedway, Monterey California).  Alison Tetrick took the victory in a solo breakaway  I stood beside her, taking a silver medal for the team winning the bunch sprint.

The race started off with strong attacks from our riders, Mary Maroon launched a particularly spectacular move off the front of the peloton, and made our opponents work hard to bring her back.  After successive attacks and counter-attacks, Dotsie (silver medalist at the Olympics, ladies and gents!) got away for a good part of the race! 

Only after the other teams managed to bring her back with 1 lap to go, did we start launching attacks again.  Alison got off the front at the top of a tough climb, and many riders were so far into the pain cave that they didn't notice.  On the twisty, rolling course, Alison was soon out of sight (and out of mind)

Coming into the grueling finishing climb, my teammates Sofia, Kristin, and Amber kept me at the front.  Amber led the pack with me on her Wwheel for the last 2 kilometers.  With 150m to the uphill finishline, I jumped off of her wheel, drilling it to the line.  Nobody ever came around.

Result: 2 more podiums for TWENTY16 - and another victory!  WOOT WOOT!

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