Apr 15, 2014

Three for 3 at Sea Otter

Sea Otter Classic Circuit Race womens' sprint, 2014. Photo Credit: Garrett Lau
 TWENTY16 scored a total of 5 podium finishes in 3 races at the Sea Otter Classic.  It felt so good to stand on the podium 3 times for my team, especially after sitting on the sidelines following my concussion in late-March.  The final race took place on the legendary Laguna Seca raceway.  What a treat to race on a race track!  The course was fast, challenging, and fun to ride on.  I chose to race with ZIPP 404's on my Felt bike.

TWENTY16 made the race hard and aggressive, yet again.  My teammates and I launched attacks, and drove the pace hard on the sections of racecourse that hurt the most.  
Credit: Will Matthews. http://www.wilmatthewsphoto.com
Several of my teammates and I initiated small breakaways.  At the end of the race, Alison Tetrick launched a superb attack and got away on her own.  I followed the first wheel to chase her.

There were about 5 riders in that little split.  Coming to the finish line, I was sitting second wheel, behind my teammate Alison, who our competitors had caught me up to.  I yelled at her to keep driving to the pace, to bring me to the finish line, with the other riders on my wheel. 

Canadian Criterium Champion and sprint specialist, Leah Kirchmann of Optum launched her sprint with 200m to go.  I followed hard, and didn't manage to pass her front wheel by the time we reached the finish line.  A second place finish thanks to great teamwork to finish off the Sea Otter Classic was awesome.  Alison and I celebrated by eating our Kiku Apples on the podium.  Woo hooo!

#SweetKiku Lex Albrecht and Alison Tetrick enjoying Kiku apples together on the podium at Sea Otter Classic!
 Next race : Winston Salem Classic (UCI 1.2) in Winston, North Carolina.

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