Apr 24, 2014

Throwback Thursday #TBT

Here's a #TBT (Throwback Thursday) photo of me at my first ever road race.

Yes, that is a Camelback.  I am wearing a softshell jacket that my Mom bought me from Costco, and my work uniform shirt from Coast Mountain Sports - it kind of looked like what I thought a cycling jersey should look like.  I was not wearing cycling socks or a shammy, because I didn't have any.  Hey - I just bought a bike for goodness' sake (it took a YEAR to save enough cash).  No dollars left over for the superfluous digs... (hashtag: #ownit)
#TBT : First race ever.  Sporting a Camelback because I didn't know how to reach down for my bottles.

I couldn't understand a single French word the comissaire was saying (I didn't speak much Molière, especially à la Québécoise back then).  So, I went off the start line with the masters men.  (I'd only ever ridden with guys anyways).  Some man shoved me on purpose as he rode by in the first few hundred meters.  What a jerk. Then I got dropped really fast.

The next pack (the girls who I was supposed to be racing with) caught me.  Then they dropped me.  It was raining.  I was cold.  Then I found some girl and a boy half my age to draft off of to finish the "race".

I still felt pretty badass for doing my first race.  Never give up. 


  1. Wow. After reading that, maybe there is still some hope for me!

  2. I remember that day well; cheering you on in the rain. You've come a long way baby!!��