Nov 6, 2013

THIS was #inthebox !

#whatisinthebox answer: Louis Garneau 721 Course Snowshoes. THE BEST snowshoe I have ever tried!
In the winter, it's no secret that I spend hours every week at PowerWatts Premier Studio in Montréal, it's a great place train.  I compliment my training on the bike by getting outside to PLAY.  Nothing can replace fresh air and sunshine...

I cross-country ski.  I used to snowboard too, but that had to be wiped off of my list of activities after I whacked my head one-too-many times.  (I don't miss it.)  So, I added another activity to the menu : SNOWSHOEING - off-trail, and uphill.

In 2012 I was lucky enough to try a prototype of Louis Garneau's revolutionary Course 721 snowshoes.  It's 2013, and they're on the market now.  I wanted a pair of my own, "real bad".
That BOA dial...can be twisted with GLOVES on.  Ohhh yehhhhh!
WHY I "NEED" THEM:  Snowshoing is a super off-season crosstraining.  It's low impact, a great endurance workout, uses a lot of the same muscles solicited in cycling ... and it's a lot of fun.  I can go snowshoeing with any of my friends, even my Mom.  She's awesome, by the way.

Louis Garneau Limited Edition 721 Course snowshoe
WHY I WANT THESE : Because they're the best snowshoes out there! The LG Course 721 Snowshoes are super light : only 1.75lbs.  The exclusive BOA closure-system is a first in the industry.  The BOA bindings stay tight and are easy to micro-adjust.  Plus I don't have to take off my gloves to change the tension...

The snow hasn't started to fall in Montréal yet, but when it does, I'll be prepared with the best snowshoes that I have ever seen in my LIFE.  Who wants to come snowshoeing?

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  1. Hey Lex, we should plan a snowshoe ride together in La Mauricie National Park.. as soon as we see nice fluffy powder snow!