Nov 18, 2013

Quad Size - Not as Simple as I Thought.

I'm in LA with Cycling Canada.  My California-based NOW and Novartis for MS teammate, Beth Newell is also here at the track. 

Beth likes to talk about quad size.  She's actually an expert on it (she was quoted in the New York Times on the subject).  So, I like to listen to her quad talk, the girl knows what she's speaking about.  Beth said I needed to get my quads measured.  As she pulled out the measuring tape, I asked her how she knew where to measure the circumference from.  She said : "the biggest part!" as if it was obvious.  I'm new to this track thing though. 

I am now aware of the official quad measuring procedure. You might want to consult it for yourself.

My magic number: 48.5.  That's centimeters by the way.  We're in America.  I don't know why quad-size is measured in cm.  (Oh wait, there is a reason.  Read it HERE).  Beth says that my quads are going to get bigger while I'm at the track in LA.  We'll measure again in 2 weeks and see where I'm at. 
Beth Newell. US Track Cycling Champion. And, my NOW and Novartis for MS teammate.
I secretly hope that they don't get too much bigger... I don't want to have to replace all of my jeans.  Don't tell Beth.

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